Why Infotech?

It’s not enough to have great ideas: To provide the most impact, you have to commu­ni­cate those ideas clearly in a format designed with the viewer in mind. Remember, your presen­ta­tions and market­ing mate­ri­als can impact an audi­ence, persuade a poten­tial client, increase your personal status and add to your organization’s bottom line … so it makes finan­cial sense to prepare the best possi­ble mate­ri­als to repre­sent your brand.

Unfortunately, many of the people tasked with produc­ing presen­ta­tions and market­ing collat­eral have no design expe­ri­ence, and little time to devote to what can be a time-consum­ing project. Don’t short­change your­self with less-than-perfect mate­ri­als – let Infotech Graphics give you the edge.


Over 30 years of expe­ri­ence — 15 of those in a corpo­rate in-house environment


I can work with you from the begin­ning to help develop your presen­ta­tions and collat­eral docu­ments or I can take what you have already done and show you how it can be improved for great­est impact.


Clarity by design is more than just a tagline. I like to keep things simple, clean and tech­ni­cally sound for maxi­mum clar­ity. My design style lends itself well to commu­ni­cating complex infor­ma­tion and can be adapted easily to match your brand.


I work when­ever needed. Whether you can give me two weeks or two hours, I’ll work with you to get it done.

Personal Attention

No sales reps or account managers to deal with. You will deal directly with the designer work­ing on your project.

Take your time, wander around and by all means please send me an e‑mail with any comments you may have about the work or ques­tions about the design services I can provide. Thanks for stop­ping by.